Our Rubber Roller ensure you most trust and reliability

CON has been an important supplier of rubber roller in China, and its customers have a wide distribution, including North America, Europe, South Africa and other regions. Broad reputation and recognition have brought vigorous development to our company. We will keep innovating and developing new and excellent products to meet with various requirements.

What types of rubber rollers are manufactured?

OUr company has built a whole range of rubble rollers which have been served in a great number of fields, such as textile, paper, construction, mining, metallurgy and graphic industry.

According to different surfaces, they can be roughly grouped into grooved and smooth by surfaces. Grooved shapes can be diamond, straight or spiral or as required to satisfy practical applications.

For purposes, they can be used in offsets and conveyors. To meet different purposes, different covered rubbers are used. For example, offset rollers should have superior resistance against chemical solvents and temperature.

Expander roller, which is also called banana roller for its unique shape, is a great wrinkle protector.

What rubber rollers bring for you?

we have committed ourselves to solving customers’ problems. Appropriate price, state-of-art quality together with considerable after-sales service together contributes to help it be a leader in rubber roller in China. Customized rubber rollers are fabricated to satisfy special applications.

This company is on the way to be a giant manufacturer through the world, and welcome to our team. We believe you will find here is the destination you have been looking for. If you have any problem or valued suggestion of rubber roller, plz contact us freely.

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