Rubber roller applications in industries

Rubber roller applications have existed for almost seventy years and been widely involved in all kinds of industries, including textile, printing, mining and paper industry. Rubber rollers are coated by full range of rubbers to meet with different practical usages.

  1. Wood and furniture industry
    Renovated rubber rollers are manufactured for various woodworking machines. The rubber used in rollers have excellent abrasion resistance and non-soiling capability. Our rubber rollers are widely used in wood and furniture industry as calibrating rollers, feeding rollers and grinding rollers. With development, we are always improving and developing our products to meet with the newest applications. Hardness of rubber rollers used in wood industry is usually 40 - 90 HA.
  2. Mining industry
    Rubber coated driving drums of belt conveyors used in coal wells are manufactured. They are fabricated by fire-proof and abrasion-proof rubbers. Usually, the hardness is rated among 40HA to 80HA,
  3. Printing industry
    Rubber rollers are vital parts of printers for they are used to transmit inks. They are designed with various shapes, such as banana or curved and regular round, and finishes such as grooved and smooth. They have a wide range of hardness ranging from 10HA to 100HA.

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