Rubber rollers cautions for application and operation

Printing rubber roller introduction

Rubber roller is composed of two parts: metal shaft as its core and vulcanized rubber which covers the shaft. Depending on hardness of the sleeve rubber, it can be divided into hard roller and soft roller.

  1. Surface should be as smooth as possible and dimensions should be limited within the tolerance range. No obvious dimension changes when temperature and humidity varies.
  2. Rubber roller should be compatible with inks; then deformation and dimension variations will not happen to it. At the same time, the ink composition can’t penetrate into the covered rubber.
  3. Inks should be easy to adhere to the surface, so inks can be transmitted to other rollers.
  4. Excellent flexibility ensures that the rollers can reclaim its original shape when left the plate.
  5. Material of rubber roller, especially the surface material, should have excellent resistance against aging, zone and abrasion, hardness, durability and be easy to clean.

Cautions of rubber roller application in printing

Rubber rollers are necessary parts of printing machines, which determine printing quality and production cost. Appropriate and correct ways will reduce problems and improve efficiency significantly.

  1. Clean
    Printing rubber rollers are mainly used as ink transmission device. If they are not washed thoroughly, inks, oxidation resin will generate a hard and smooth film which will badly affect ink transmission. The surface of rubber roller will become uneven if regular cleaning is not complete. Hence, when off work, rollers should be cleaned to prepare for next usage.
  2. Avoid emulsification
    In a certain printing condition, a minimum of water and ink can reach qualified effect. However, if the ratio of water and ink in unbalanced ratio, emulsification ink will produce. The only method is that clean the rubber by gasoline and then use 5% sodium hydroxide solution with pumice powder to wash up the steel shaft.
  3. Aging
    Abuse and corrosion of chemical solutions together will cause aging problems such as slag. This rubber roller can’t be used in case of affect the printing quality.
  4. Storage
    Rubber rollers can’t be stored near motors and generators which will produce ozone and then cause aging.

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