Rice rubber rollers produce healthy and unbroken rice

Rice rubber roller is designed to remove the husk from brown rice Rice rubber rollers
Rice rubber rollers are widely used in rice processing Rice rubber rollers in white NBR and aluminum drum

Rice rubber rollers are designed to remove husk from brown rice. Two rubber rolls installed in a huller. Untreated rice passes through different rolling directions of rubber rollers, and then husked rice and rice are produced. They are indispensable parts of efficient hulling machine as it yields minimum broken or cracked grain.

Why select rice rubber rollers?

  • Coated rubber has excellent resistance to abrasion and elevated temperature
  • Minimum rice breakage
  • Produce no pollution to rice and environment.
  • Good bonding between metal to rubber
  • Durability and long serving life
  • Shelling efficiency above 85% to 90%

Product description:

  • Rubber material: NBR and SBR
  • Drum material: Aluminum and steel
  • Color: White, brown, red or any customized color
  • Hardness: 88 to 99 HA
  • Available in sizes: 10” x 10”, 2. 8¾” x 6”, 8¾” x 4”, 6⅝” x 4”, 6¼” x 2½”

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