Dampening roller optimum choice for high definition printing

Dampening roller used in offset printer
Dampening roller widely used in printers for high quality output

Dampening rubber rollers have been used in offset printing for many years. It is a special hydrophilic rubber roller, for its coated rubber is soft and has good water suction capability. It is often found in sheet-fed offset, delta-system and rollers for newspaper printing.

To ensure its high performance, the hardness Sh A of the covered rubber ranges from 25 to 40 degree, and its unequalled chemical resistance ensures it won’t be damaged by solutions. The ceramic roller is especially used for its long hydrophilic ability and inertness against chemical solutions. 

Dampening rollers description:

  • Sizes are customized
  • Hardness Sh A: 25, 30, 35 and 40
  • Color: Grey and black or as customized

Your benefits

  • Optimal rubber-ceramic union.
  • Innovative cleaning method helps dampening rollers generate a unique and high print quality.
  • First-rate hardness.
  • Optimized dosage of moistener.

Note: Rubber-metal union are still supplied.

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