About Us

Since its foundation in 1998, CON Rubber Roller Company has always been a professional manufacturer of rubber rollers including printing rubber rollers, expander rollers, impact rollers and rice rubber roller. On the way of being a leader of manufacturing rubber-coated rollers, our company has experienced a long and rough way. Thanks to its advanced technology, employee’s endeavor and hard work, CON rubber rollers have gained reputation and recognition all around the world.

Our belief - Quality comes first before profits

Quality is the foundation of a product. This concept has been deeply planted at our hearts and the product is the best and most distinctive evidence.

To improve quality and keep leading place in the field of rubber-coated roller, all of our employees from manager to common staff, have attended regular trains of professional knowledge.

Apart from training, CON Company has introduced advanced technology and equipment from German. Since it is put to use, the quality has been significantly improved and product categories have broadened.

Our products - competitive prices together with first class quality

CON has been striving for being a reliable and considerable supplier to all clients around the whole world. Main products, especially expander roller and printing rubber rollers are very popular in Europe, America, South Africa and other countries and regions.

Join CON Rubber Roller Company and disappointment will never happen to you, for state-of-art products and affordability together will eliminate your big headaches of selecting appropriate rubber rollers.